ADHD included as exceptionality

Here is the link to the Ontario government memo that outlines the recent changes to ADHD as an exceptionality, which will result in changes in school supports:

This can mean big changes for parents with children who have an ADHD diagnosis, but no second diagnosis. In the past, many of these parents were not eligible for school support for their child’s learning challenges relating to their ADHD. Only if a child had a second exceptionality, such as a learning disability, would their needs be addressed.


Now, it is up to the school districts themsevles, through superintendeants, principals, and classroom teachers to support the intent of this policy change, and ensure children with ADHD receive all the help they need!


Here is another link to a terrific resource to provide your classroom or resource room teacher, also done for the Ontario government:

If you need help advocating for your child’s rights at school, call me today to book a consultation.

We are lucky these changes have been made, let’s ensure our children get their full benefit.


  • Well done! It would appear that no one in a itoispon of power..from the superintendent down wants to take responsibility and instead give vague answers-I’m guessing they hope you will just go away. Perhaps questioning the state board of education and up may prove effective.

    March 9, 2012
    • i shout random stuuf out even when im on my own. soimetms il constantly keep trying to say somthing as fast as posible if i fail ill keep doing it till i do it withou stuttering if stutter ill do it ov er agen(longest 20mins i make stupid faces in mirror(when on my own. i take 40 ml tablets and they make me school noone knows im like this apart from my real good friends ..

      June 15, 2012
  • i have mental iusess. such ass noises constant sexual thoughts all time mind is allways thinking i cant stop .hyper (my mom was out i came home from school i walked threw the door shouted penuts are elephant cats dived on the floor and said cats are shity and gay realy fast then got up continued normaly and made a coffe..what 16 yr old does that ME and many others.. i have a realy bad case of it .

    June 14, 2012

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