ADHD Treatment

Counselling Matters

Treatment of ADHD involves what is called a multi-modal
approach. Whether it is for a child with ADHD or an adult with ADHD, effective
management of symptoms should include behavioral interventions, medical
interventions and educational/workplace interventions.

We have known for decades that the first-line, effective
medical treatment for ADHD is medication. Patients have very effective response
rates to stimulants, some to non-stimulants, and others sometimes to
anti-depressants prescribed specifically for ADHD.

Psychological treatment can be helpful to both the child and
the parents. The most researched, “evidence-based” is behavioral therapy. This
may be helpful for the older child, but more and more, it is recommended that
the parent of the child with ADHD receive the behavioral coaching – to then act
as their child’s “frontal lobes.” Additional psychological support can be
needed if the child has co-morbid (meaning simultaneous) disorders, such as anxiety or depression.

Finally, the third area requiring action is in the school system for a
child with ADHD, or in the workplace for an adult with ADHD. While a child is
developing executive function skills, it is necessary to build a short term
safety net – putting structures and supports in place in the classroom to
enhance the student’s strengths and compensate for his/her weaknesses. For an
adult with ADHD, paying attention to the workplace structure, routines and
“fit” is essential.

Treatment of ADHD requires this holistic approach, and
therefore, a number of support people to assist the child/family.
Either in person, over the phone or online, I provide ADHD coaching and
evidence-based counselling. Contact me to discuss how I can help you address all
these areas effectively, and coordinate your team of experts.

From a single-session consulation to a series of planned coaching sessions, let me help you organize an integrated treament approach to managing ADHD.


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