Learn ADHD from the experts in Toronto

I am heading to the CADDAC conference this weekend in Toronto to hear Dr. Ross Greene, noted author of Lost at School and The Explosive Child.

We are lucky to live in a large urban centre which can attract experts on child development and related issues such as adhd in children. This is the 3rd annual conference for CADDAC. Dr. Greeene will be speaking with Dr. Anthony Rostain, a developmental neuropsychiatrist. The session is for parents and the medical community.

Often, well known trainers come to Toronto as part of large educational conferences for professionals, but often tack on a low-cost session for parents. They are often delivered with less “techno-babble”, and are a great way to learn up-to-the-minute information about your child’s issues.

The two will speak on Neurodevelopmental Disorders in the Home and Community.

I’m also planning to catch Dr. Rostain speak on Adult ADHD: Treatments and Strategies. He will address the combined use of medication and cognititve behavioral therapy, which has shown promise in recent research. He will address how CBT can improve the daily functioning of adults with ADHD.

Cognitive Behavioral Training is one of the treatment services I am trained to provide.

There will be other presentations this weekend relating to adults, including coaching, ADHD in the workplace, relationships, and parenting when you have ADHD.

The fee for the one day session on Adult ADHD is also reasonable. For more information, contact www.caddac.ca – space is limited!

I have also had the opportunity to hear Dr. Russ Barkley speak this fall in Toronto, another noted expert and author of Taking Charge of ADHD. He spoke on the key importance of emotional regulation as an area that has been overlooked in the understanding and treatment of ADHD in children and ADHD in adults. Dr. Barkley has conducted and published a huge amount of research in the field, and has graciously posted most of it at www.ADHDlectures.com.

I find it very helpful to listen to these experts speak on topics they are so knowledgable about, but in a way parents can relate to.  Sessions such as these allow you to become more informed, and meet others who are parenting similar children, or face the same adults issues as you do. Parent education is the second most important treatment for adhd in children, after medication!

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